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Skye Terrier

Origin: Great Britain

AKC Group: Terrier

Height: 10 inches (Male)

Weight: 23 - 25 pounds (Male)

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Skye Terriers are more serious than most terriers. They're calm indoors, but need lots of personal attention. They're suspicious of strangers, and snappish with other animals. Skye Terriers are agile chasers - keep them on a leash or in an enclosed area when outdoors - and they love to dig.

Skye Terriers are part of the Terrier group. In general, terriers have a very distinctive personality that's unlike any other breed. They're feisty and energetic. Originally bred to hunt and kill vermin, terriers love the chase - don't let your terrier off its leash unless it's in an enclosed area.

Terriers make excellent pets. These tough little canines have an attitude, however, so they usually adapt better to quiet households. Most terriers are usually jealous and snippy around other pets, especially dogs.

While some terriers are good with children, most will snap if provoked. If you want your terrier to be friendly with strangers, you need to accustom it to people at an early age. Terriers are also barkers and diggers.

In terms of health, terriers are very hardy dogs with few health problems. Most live a long time, usually around 15 years. Terriers need to be brushed twice a week and professionally groomed about every three months. While pet terriers are usually clipped, show dogs are stripped, which means the dead hairs are plucked out one by one so the coat color doesn't fade.

Great Britain
Male height: 
10 inches
Male weight: 
23 - 25 pounds
About six inches long and straight, with a part down the middle of the back. Lots of hair on the face and ears. Tail hangs down; ears prick up.
Blue, gray, fawn, cream or black. Ears, muzzle and tail are dark. A little white is allowed on the chest. Puppies' coat color is different from adults. Eyes are brown; nose is black.
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