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Give the Gift of Grooming

November 30, 2011 -

Around the holidays when the hustle and bustle of the busy season and expenses can get out of control, how do you show a fellow Pet Parent how much you care? The answer is simple: the gift of grooming —an all-expenses paid pet pamper session for a four-legged friend .
Offering a vast selection of grooming services based on your dog’s specific needs, the PetSmart Grooming Salon pairs luxury with utility in one convenient location for the people and pets you care about the most.
So how do you choose the best option for your friend or family’s furry fellow? The PetSmart full-service groom is ideal for all breed types and includes a shampoo, ear cleaning, nail trimming, brushing and anal gland cleaning. You can customize your grooming gift, for example, by upgrading to a premium groom package for additional brushing, trimming, and dematting — great for long-haired dogs who benefit from extra coat care. For high-shedding pets, the Furminator SHED-LESS Treatment with a low-shed shampoo, deShedding conditioner and an extended brushing session is a key add on.
For the ultimate and affordable indulge, the holiday Top Dog package offers an additional treat, including a low-shed, oatmeal, or brightening shampoo along with teeth brushing to help eliminate any tarter and plaque buildup. And the freshly groomed pet will greet a smiling Pet Parent smelling of sugar cookies, sporting a shiny coat and looking chic with an adorable bandana or bow. 
For the households that round out their holidays with a new puppy, the PetSmart Puppy Bath, Brush and More and Puppy Bath, Brush and More Plus trim packages are perfect. For dogs up to five months old, these packages include a shampoo, massage, brush, ear cleaning, nail trimming and an optional hair trimming for puppies with longer coats. Like the Top Dog add-on, puppies are also styled in a bow or bandana.
Visit PetSmart Grooming in store or online for more information.

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